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B2B Marketers : Interested in a robust inbound marketing machine that attracts your prospects? – Then get this handy ten step eBook

by Will Corry on April 25, 2016

Sometimes change is what’s needed most. Redeveloping your website can transform your marketing so it’s more strategic, better targeted, and just what your prospects are searching for.

Your website may be your most important marketing tool, but it’s not just a fancy brochure. To perform well, it has to integrate effectively with your blog, email marketing, social media, lead nurturing programs, etc. Like all tools, it requires periodic sharpening.

Download the 10 step eBook HERE >>>


Giant iTab … All set & ready for #IMEX16 – the big European show

Giant iTab … All set & ready for #IMEX16 – the big European show

by Will Corry on April 21, 2016


UK ad viewability hits highest level in 18 months / IAB/PwC’s Digital Adspend study

by Will Corry on April 18, 2016

Following IAB/PwC's Digital Adspend study, there's more good news for the UK online ad industry as ad viewability levels hit their highest level in 18 months, according to Meetrics.

However, the UK still lags well behind other European countries and, based on IAB figures, it suggests £600 million still being wasted annually on non-viewable ads.

Brands/publishers can now see main reasons why ads aren’t viewable


The future is without apps

by Will Corry on April 6, 2016


Giant iTab wins best digital signage award – ISE Award Winner

by Will Corry on March 23, 2016


A day in the life of the Samsung Galaxy S7 with Periscope

by James on March 11, 2016


[Research] “Online consumer-generated content greatly influences the in-store shopper” / Bazaarvoice

by Will Corry on March 9, 2016

Bazaarvoice announced today the results of a study focused on consumers who research online, buy offline (ROBO), derived from retail data from 20+ of the world’s leading retailers, which helps brands and retailers better identify the in-store revenue impact in relation to online content.

  • 54% of online buyers read online reviews before purchase
  • 39% of in-store buyers read online reviews before purchase
  • 45-55% of in-store buyers read reviews for big-ticket technology items
  • 58% of in-store buyers read reviews for health, fitness & beauty items


Today’s young adults are generation DIFM (‘Do It For Me’) .. Pragma

Today’s young adults are generation DIFM (‘Do It For Me’) .. Pragma

by James on March 7, 2016

AJ Chandrasena, Pragma Consulting  writes .. An Englishman’s home may be his castle, but when it comes to fixing it up, it seems he prefers to pass the job to someone else.

A 2012 Aviva survey revealed that today’s young adults are likely to call on their parents when it comes to decorating or making home improvements: 55% of empty nest parents are still being called upon for help, spending nearly one hour per week working on the homes of their children aged 20-40. [more…]

[Events] … DMA challenges brands to re-connect with consumers on data

by James on February 26, 2016

Data is at the heart of the modern economy, but recent press exposés have highlighted how companies are risking significant reputational damage by not taking responsibility for how they handle and source data.

At today’s Data Protection 2016 conference, the DMA will call on brands and marketers to re-connect with consumers to build relationships based on trust, while launching a range of new guidance, measures and training to aid industry professionals in raising their standards.