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Gravitate towards a more ‘adaptive’ web design approach / Aaron T. Grogg, Netbiscuits

by Will Corry on July 26, 2014

Let’s get started with responsive web design.

No web developer today should be unfamiliar with the concept of responsive web design (RWD). Since the term was coined by Ethan Marcotte in May of 2010, the concept has been accepted as a best practice, the process has matured, and multiple options and implementations have emerged.

This has helped us refit the web for the devices that our users have today, and positioned it to work just fine no matter what new devices are dreamt up in the future. [more…]

“Your website will count for nothing if the loading time is poor, or if it doesn’t work on mobile platforms”

by Will Corry on July 22, 2014

How to reduce the risk of lost revenue through a quality website

It goes without saying that businesses want to earn as much money as possible. Adapting to the modern business environment can be tricky, but keeping on top of the game is essential to success.

Finding a business that does not have some form of online presence, whether through a webstore or social media page, is difficult. Being online allows businesses to access to a vast marketplace that is unrestricted by location.


All the UK marketing articles, success stories, rants and news for June 2014

by Will Corry on July 6, 2014


Women for Women : A social media agency takes an edgy approach

by Will Corry on July 3, 2014


Book / Kindle details : Are you running an estore and looking for ways to speed up your eCommerce success? / Yulia V Smirnova

by Will Corry on June 26, 2014


Survey Results : All aboard the holiday booking process / By Andy O’Brien, Creative Director, Amaze – a St Ives Group company

by Assistant Editor on June 20, 2014

Summer’s on its way (honestly, it is) and so you’ve probably already booked your holiday. If, like me, you’re restricted to school holiday time, you’ve probably also done your research into how you can buck the system and go away for the price you would pay if you didn’t have kids.

It’s nigh-on impossible, by the way. Anyway, you’ve probably engaged in one of the most multi-channel purchasing experiences we have; ferrying yourself from one channel to another as you research, refine and book your break. [more…] – User generated reviews, company news and events that can be searched by location, category, keywords and much more

by Will Corry on June 19, 2014 @TechShoutIt is a website dedicated to bring you the very best in business technology, giving you an easy to use platform to find and keep up to date with the latest technology products and solutions directly from the companies themselves.

They write ... The companies listed on have the ability to post their latest news, press releases and events, so you can make sure you are ahead of the competition and making use of the latest business technology solutions, giving you a competitive advantage, unify your workforce, increase productivity, mobility and above all help reduce costs and maximise your business’ performance.

Check the latest news shouts.


Siobhan Freegard … Netmums reports 36% rise in mobile/tablet views in two years

by Will Corry on June 14, 2014


Netmums has unveiled a brand-new look for its parenting portal – launching a responsive website to meet the surge in mobile and tablet visits from its six million unique users each month.

71% of visits to No1 parenting site now via mobile or tablet

•       Netmums reports 36% rise in mobile/tablet views in two years

•       Busy ‘on the go’ lives mean desktop visits drop by over 50%

•       Advertisers can now book one cross-platform campaign

•       Responsive site expected to increase traffic by 20%


How many of these 50 Inspiring Tech Savvy Leaders Over 50 do you know?

by Will Corry on June 6, 2014


Woolies – supplier of specialist car accessories and parts has new website

by Andy Brown on June 4, 2014

Woolies, Europe’s leading provider of specialist car accessories, has announced the launch of a new website as it focuses on eCommerce to increase sales of its range of car products.

Woolies @wooliestrim is the UK company that supplies specialist car accessories and parts to the trade and consumers worldwide. The company appointed Xanthos,, the eCommerce specialist, to build the new website with a framework designed around content, structure and simple navigation. [more…]