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International Retail: Think big, go slow – Agnes Pusca, Pragma

by Assistant Editor on March 4, 2015

By Agnes Pusca, associate director, Pragma - a St Ives Group company

If a company wants to grow its sales, it really only has two options: either it develops new products to sell to its existing customers or it finds new customers for its existing products.

Typically, the latter is easier to do, and so many brands and retailers look to different channels or, more often, to international markets in search of new people to buy their products.


Accelero is Occam DM’s new in house marketing tool that lets you understand your customers to create, deliver and measure effective campaigns in a quick to deploy, cost effective package

by Will Corry on February 11, 2015

Understand. Create. Deliver. Measure.

Gary Arnold, head of marketing technology at Occam – a St Ives Group company – said: “Customer understanding is essential to delivering engaging marketing experiences, and data is the raw fuel that drives it. This has been a fundamental part of Occam’s proposition since our inception over 20 years ago.  Watch the video


Smartphone sales for Valentine’s Day increase 91% YOY – Rakuten Marketing data

by Will Corry on February 11, 2015

Lovers shop on-the-go for luxury gifts

Today, new network data from Rakuten Marketing reveals that more people are shopping for gifts on-the-go for Valentine’s Day, as they turn to mobile devices for their shopping. The data, taken from Rakuten Marketing’s UK affiliate network of over 400 retailers, shows that sales on mobile devices now account for a quarter (25%) of all sales made in the run up to Valentine’s Day, with smartphone sales increasing by 91% year on year.

In addition, the popularity of recent phone releases, such as the iPhone 6, shows a growing desire for larger mobile screens, suggesting that shopping on these devices is fast becoming more appealing and accessible.


Healthspan has appointed data-driven marketing expert Occam

by Assistant Editor on February 5, 2015

Healthspan, the UK’s leading direct supplier of vitamins and supplements, has appointed data-driven marketing expert Occam @occamdm to add zest to its marketing campaigns. Occam will do this by bringing together all of Healthspan’s data in one place as the starting point for outstanding one-to-one communications.

Occam, a St Ives Group company, will use its data marketing and technology expertise to bring to life @Healthspan Healthspan’s products through all of its customer-facing channels, ensuring people receive relevant and useful communications and offers at the right time. [more…]

David Cameron and George Osborne have announced Tech Nation

by Will Corry on February 5, 2015

David Cameron launches Tech Nation, a guide to UK tech ecos…

David Cameron and George Osborne today announced Tech Nation, a comprehensive analysis of Britain's growing tech clusters. The project, led by Tech City UK in partnership with Due… [more…]

Tech worker in London? The UK cities where you could be earning more

by Will Corry on February 3, 2015


Creative Business Leaders launches today to provide online business community for the creative industries

by Assistant Editor on January 21, 2015

Founders create online inspiration hub for leaders and aspiring leaders

Creative Business Leaders launches today, founded by Gordon Christiansen and Susanna Simpson, to provide an online community for leaders and aspiring leaders in the creative industries. Interviews with inspiring individuals who share their career stories, success and failures and plans for the future are hosted on

If you’re a creative business leader who is interested in joining this free community or sharing your wisdom on the site – head over to to find out more


A smart collection of ebooks, templates and checklists to take your blog to the next level /Adam Connell,@BloggingWizard

by Will Corry on December 29, 2014

Use these exclusive ebooks, templates and checklists to increase your traffic by 425%, double your email subscribers and create a blog that your readers will love.

Adam Connell @adamjayc invites you to click the more button underneath to get six resources for free (you can also click the graphic)


Two-thirds of the UK’s Top 50 online retailers failed to capitalise on Black Friday according to Teradata study

by Assistant Editor on December 22, 2014

Teradata, the analytic data platforms, marketing applications and services company, today unveiled the findings of its annual study into the email sending habits of the UK's top 50 online retailers around Christmas.

The study revealed that 66% of the top online retailers failed to send customers any Christmas offers in the month running up to Black Friday.

The #teradata study also revealed that 74% failed to provide any information related to the Christmas sales. Only 28% of the top 50 sent information about Black Friday and of those that did send a Christmas offer to their customers, only 64% sent information relating to Black Friday.


5 killer tactics to increase your blog traffic

by Will Corry on December 7, 2014


5 Killer Tactics To Increase Your Blog Traffic - Social Media Week | Fresh 'Social Business' News from theMarketingblog |


We’ve all been there. We’ve hit publish on our latest blog post and expected the comments and shares to start rolling in.  

But instead we get… nothing. It seems that no one has even seen our beautiful article, let alone read it. A piece of tumbleweed seems to blow across the screen and it feels...