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Video : A sneak preview of Wyke Farms’ brand new television ad

by Will Corry on August 29, 2014

Hi Will,  ... I thought you'd be interested in a sneak preview of Wyke Farms' brand new television ad, made by Ridley Scott's commercial production company RSA films, before it airs for the first time to the public on Monday.

The ad shares Wyke Farms' unique brand values of provenance, passion for the countryside and family farming in Somerset - focusing on its love of nature and championing the biggest contributor at Wyke Farms: the cow!


New ad Halle Berry has done for her fragrance line, Wild Essence

by Will Corry on August 28, 2014


“Makes me wish more people farted in public”

by Will Corry on August 26, 2014

"Do you want to go outside for a fart?"

Earlier this year, Ontario's Ministry of Health launched an anti-smoking campaign called Quit The Denial, aimed at those people who consider themselves "social" smokers—aka those jerks who get drunk at parties and then hit us real smokers up for cigarettes.

Their take? Claiming you're a social smoker is just as ridiculous as social farting. They make a compelling case. Also, because I am extra-juvenile, this video makes me wish more people farted in public. It's just a bodily function, people!


Art Everywhere U.S. : 50,000 outdoor ad spaces

by Will Corry on August 15, 2014


Shark attack in London at the lake

by Will Corry on August 13, 2014


…and is the hamper for the Park or the Bedroom Sir?

…and is the hamper for the Park or the Bedroom Sir?

by James on August 13, 2014

We at theMarketingblog just love smart ideas and today we have spotted one of the smartest we have seen for a long while.

Hotels have and will always be a favourite rendezvous for couples wanting a ‘romantic’ night to remember. Yet again Hospitality & Catering News have found a company that is unique in our view and we suspect going places. If you are planning a ‘romantic’ night at a hotel Just Add Strawberries can help you make it a whole lot more ‘romantic’ bringing erotic hampers to hotels and their guests.

An interview with the founder of Just Add Strawberries Wendy Baird can be seen here explaining how the company came into being and how they work with hotels and their guests. [more…]

Video : “A disastrous day turns into the most fun wedding I’ve ever seen” / Hurricane Bertha wedding photos

by Will Corry on August 12, 2014

You have to see these hurricane Bertha wedding photos. A real fun wedding in the end.
When Katy Lomas, 28, and Richard Owen, 34, booked their wedding at Wentworth Castle in Barnsley,  they imagined an outdoor wedding with tons of greenery. Instead, the tail end of hurricane Bertha poured torrential rain on their tents, forcing them to move the festivities indoors and soaking, well, just about everything.

Photographer Jon Dennis captured the couple joyfully turning what could have been a disastrous day into what looks like the most fun wedding I've ever seen.


YouTube has acquired mobile video company Directr, which helps small businesses create video ads for a monthly rate

by Will Corry on August 8, 2014

YouTube has acquired mobile video startup Directr | Enjoy - Really Fresh 'Social Business' News |

To make it easier and cheaper for small businesses to create video ads, YouTube has acquired mobile video startup Directr.


Women for Women : Have fashion brands breached their social responsibility by using anorexic-looking models to capture a female audience?

by Will Corry on August 3, 2014


Video : Does your washing machine smell a little funny? You may be a dirty little washer!

by Will Corry on August 2, 2014