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New survey highlights retailers’ conflicting views over showrooming / Live & Breathe,

by Will Corry on July 3, 2013

Research released today has revealed that retailers are still divided over whether to help or hinder ‘showrooming’ (shoppers viewing items in-store, then checking prices and buying on their mobiles): 13% of shoppers said they’ve found that store staff don’t seem to care. Only 8% said staff tried to make them buy there and then by offering a deal, while another 8% said staff were awkward and unhelpful.

Comparatively, stores in London seem to be the most mobile-friendly: only 3% of retail staff in the capital were unhelpful to showrooming shoppers.

The survey was commissioned by retail and shopper creative agency Live & Breathe, speaking with 1,000 shoppers all around the UK. It also found that vouchers and discount coupons are the most in-demand mobile technology for modern shoppers: a quarter (27%) would like to see them, followed by 21% who’d like to be able to access more product details.


Smartphone shopping in-store – connecting digital commerce with bricks and mortar / Dan Hartveld, Red Ant

by Will Corry on April 16, 2013

Dan Hartveld, Red Ant’s technical director writes  ..  As mobile continues to be a hot topic for everyone – tech pundits, brands and industry mavens – there’s still a question over exactly how consumers use their smartphones when they’re out shopping. We all think they’re doing it, we feel in our collective gut that they’re going to do more of it as digital commerce and multichannel experiences get better.

But are consumers actually getting out their smartphones in-store and using them to compare, share and buy?

The short answer is yes, they are – but it’s currently a fringe activity which has yet to realise its full potential as a revenue driver. [more…]