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Brexit : “The best scaremongering statement yet”

Brexit : “The best scaremongering statement yet”

by on March 10, 2019

Listening to Andrew Castle on LBC this morning I heard the best scaremongering statement yet. If we leave the EU with a no deal " we would become a rogue nation to the rest of the World"

Another great quip from the same show - If Theresa May "was forced to resign she would probably fall on her sword"


Research from IgnitionOne / Just 1 in 5 Brits think marketing for online gambling brands targets the right audience

by on May 28, 2014

New report highlights how online gambling marketers need more effective targeting tools

Two thirds of the British public are concerned about the amount of advertising for online gambling companies, while just one in five think advertising for these companies targets the right audience.

Those are some of the key findings from the new ‘Betting on Digital’ report, released today by digital marketing firm @IgnitionOne and polling organisation ComRes. The report looks at the British public’s perception of online gambling, what drives them to visit online gambling sites and if brands’ efforts to behave ethically affects the reputation of the industry. ComRes polled over 2,000 members of the British public – 604 of which are active or previous online gamblers - and conducted in-depth interviews with 11 senior marketers across the sector.

IgnitionOne and ComRes’ ‘Betting on Digital’ report is available to download at