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Here’s a quick “how-to” post to take advantage of yesterday’s Facebook changes

by on January 22, 2014

Facebook news feed changes (and what it means for pages)

Facebook just changed things up again, but this time it's really good news for Page owners. Yesterday, Facebook announced a slight tweak to the News Feed algorithm. Starting today you will begin to...Read On...


Top ten local fan statistics for all Facebook Pages – Skittles, Disney, Red Bull, Coca-Cola etc.

by on January 12, 2013

As you can see in this report, Socialbakers are now ranking Facebook brands and media by the number of their local fans. They are still accompanied by the number of their total fan base but now you can also see the volume of local fans Liking the Page in the selected country. It´s also expressed by a percentage from the total fan base so you can get the bigger picture.

Socialbakers believe that Facebook marketing in 2013 will be all about developing local strategies and targeting the right audience which is why this data is so valuable for marketers all around the world.

This new competitive advantage will provide you with insights into your competition´s au­dience and fan distribution across the world as well as set new benchmarks crucial for effective social media strategies. [more…]

Red Rocket Media : How to get the most from content marketing

by on July 9, 2012

Via Red Rocket Media There are more than 129 million search results in Google UK for the term content marketing, however many people still do not know what content marketing actually is and, more importantly, how to get the most from content marketing. You may want to reference the following post which discusses the difference between marketing content and content marketing