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Fiona Hope

The latest update on the SodaStream banned advert

by on March 6, 2013

I’m just getting in touch with the latest update on the SodaStream banned advert, which was pulled from transmission in the UK by advertising services organisation Clearcast as it was deemed a ‘denigration of the soft drinks industry’. [more…]

SodaStream – ad banned and deemed inappropriate for UK audiences

by on November 23, 2012

Watch the video.

UK TV ad body Clearcast bans SodaStream ad knocking bottled fizzies – to protect who from what?

SodaStream was yesterday informed by Clearcast - the organisation that pre-approves UK TV advertising and is jointly funded by the UK’s major broadcasters - that its new global advertising campaign had been pulled from transmission and could not air in the UK market yesterday evening on ITV1.

This eleventh hour decision came ahead of the ad’s scheduled premiere during the ‘I’m a Celebrity’ break last night (Thursday 22nd November).  Despite already airing successfully in the United States, Sweden and Australia, it has been deemed inappropriate for UK audiences.