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Hotcow talks about the first principle of guerrilla marketing

Hotcow talks about the first principle of guerrilla marketing

by on June 9, 2019

Hotcow ...

The first principle of guerrilla marketing warfare is to “abandon conventional military tactics.” In doing so, the strategy favours the element of surprise and lends a competitive advantage to those willing to think outside of the box.


Sometimes two very different companies will partner up to boost a guerrilla marketing ad’s reach

by on February 29, 2016


Video : Ikea creates pop-up breakfast in bed experience

by on January 8, 2016


Heartwarming story of a man and his dog

by on December 26, 2015


Sally Durcan of Hotcow discusses innovative ‘game-changing’ guerrilla marketing from Ikea

by on August 20, 2015

This guerrilla marketing campaign was certainly one of the more novel uses of Instagram as a free promotional medium, and a fun way to browse Ikea’s collection.

The innovation hasn’t just opened the doors for more use of Instagram in unusual ways, but more use of all apps. In many ways, and in-line with the IKEA philosophy, this guerrilla marketing campaign encourages people to think outside the box, and innovate in their own lives, by removing themselves from the limitations of their own thoughts.


Hotcow : “Guerrilla marketers do not rely on the brute force of an outsized marketing budget. Instead, they rely on the brute force of a vivid imagination”

by on March 29, 2015

Sally Durcan of Hotcow writes ... The Godfather of guerrilla marketing, Conrad Levinson, once said that; “Guerrilla marketers do not rely on the brute force of an outsized marketing budget. Instead, they rely on the brute force of a vivid imagination.” And  this is as true today as it’s ever been.

Guerrilla marketing thrives on original thinking and creativity, where imagination and ingenuity win over big budgets. Think the Ice Bucket Challenge – the most successful viral charity campaign ever, or Felix Baumgartner’s epic journey to the edge of space with Red Bull.

Here are ten more great examples of guerrilla marketing to get your creative juices flowing: [more…]

Guerrilla marketing can really get you noticed at trade shows / Hotcow

by on March 24, 2015

Hotcow @Hotcow write ...When done right, guerrilla marketing can really get you noticed at trade shows.

Picture the scene: A scruffy, middle-aged man is dressed as a baby angel, with a lyre in one hand and a cigar in the other. As you pass by him, he yells, waves and invites you to join him on his bed of clouds…

As surreal and wacky as it sounds, this was the concept behind one of the most memorable guerrilla marketing trade show campaigns to date.


Christmas marketing campaigns / Guerrilla marketing, crowd participation, PR and content sharing / Hotcow

by on December 4, 2014

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How to plan 2014 World Cup Promotions before it’s too late / Lorraine Horley, Fotorama

by on April 15, 2014

Lorraine Horley is Head of Client Services at Fotorama, one of the UK’s leading and longest established fixed fee promotions companies who work with many leading brands and agencies on all types of promotions.

There are very few sporting events that can command a global audience like the World Cup.  This is an event that will unite a nation. We will cheer with delight as our supporting team progresses through the competition and cry, scream and shout together if it all goes horribly wrong.


PR : “One of the best guerrilla marketing stunts I’ve seen in a long time” / Now DHL disowns it

by on February 21, 2014

Latest - DHL Disowns Viral Marketing Prank

This week delivery firm DHL dispatched parcels printed with temperature activated ink, tricking rival delivery firms into a stunt that highlighted DHL’s rival offering.  DHL hired UPS and TNT to deliver large black boxes to addresses that were not that easy to find.

The boxes weren’t actually black. They were covered with a temperature-activated ink that appeared black when the boxes were chilled to sub-zero temperatures at the time of pickup. ‘But as they warmed up in the back of delivery trucks, the black ink faded revealing a large message on the side of the boxes boasting that “DHL is faster.’ reports Gizmodo.

‘As deliverymen from UPS, TNT and DPD searched for impossibly hidden or existent addresses, these trojan packages simultaneously broadcasted their inferior delivery services.’ [more…]