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John Firth of IPC Media wins adconnection ‘Innovations Challenge’

by on April 20, 2013

Adconnection have announced the winner of their second annual ‘Innovations Challenge’ as John Firth from IPC Media Innovator.

Adconnection challenged a shortlist of nine media owners to present a five minute innovative media idea at their ‘Innovations Challenge’ which took place last week at their London head office. Each media owner was scored based on the quality of the idea and how it was presented.

The winning idea, VIP Live (Video in Print), is a technology which allows IPC Media to build a HD video screen into a bound insert into a magazine. VIP Live harnesses the power of the internet, mobile technology and the printed word and offers a refreshing answer to some of the multimedia challenges in today’s market. VIP Live, provided by Americhip, includes a built in 3G technology allowing a live link to digital servers. [more…]