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5 ways to waste your travel rewards (And how not to)

by on January 29, 2014

Travel rewards can be a valuable and fun way to take the sting out of the growing cost of a vacation. But airlines and banks like to tempt you with uses for your miles that don't make the most of them for you. They're counting on that so that they don't have to pay up for the best rewards for you. [more…]

New App : Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is set to cast its spell this summer

by on May 23, 2013

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is set to cast its spell this summer, when brand new app Magic School launches on the app store courtesy of leading kid’s interactive publisher, P2 Games.

Available to download from the App Store for £2.99 and playable with iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod touch, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom - Magic School is packed with more content than ever before and offers seven magically themed games inspired by the hit TV show.

Magic School is the second app launch based on the BAFTA award-winning preschool TV series currently airing on Channel Five’s Milkshake! and Nick Jr. and follows the success of the first ever Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom app, Big Star Fun which debuted last year.


‘The Democratisation of Tablets’ / Nick Marsh, Mojiva

by on May 17, 2013

Nick Marsh, Vice President, EMEA Sales and Publishing, Mojiva

Remember when the Internet was the shiny new object that everyone simply had to get their hands on and use? New desktop and laptop computers were entering the market faster than you could blink, each with a new and improved set of features and functions.

As adoption and usage of PCs grew worldwide, consumers soon began to rely on these devices to do more than simply create a business presentation or write an essay (for school). Then came the wildly popular iPad in 2010.


“Apple and Amazon have credit card data for hundreds of millions of consumers and will own the hugely lucrative micropayments market in future”

by on October 31, 2012

"Tablet devices are simply credit cards. The real battle is for profitable ecosystems" - Magister Advisors report

Debating features of the latest tablet offerings misses the entire point that there is a fundamental shift in business models of leading consumer technology companies, according to analysis by Magister Advisors, M&A advisors to the global technology industry.