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Tesco to offer 18cm tablet computer device to compete with Kindle Fire and Nexus / Hudl

by on August 22, 2013

From - Hardware industry sources expect retailer to offer 18cm device to compete Kindle Fire and Nexus 7

Tesco is preparing to announce an own brand tablet computer under the brand name Hudl in time for Christmas, to compete with Apple, Google and Amazon for devices used for online shopping and video viewing.


‘The Democratisation of Tablets’ / Nick Marsh, Mojiva

by on May 17, 2013

Nick Marsh, Vice President, EMEA Sales and Publishing, Mojiva

Remember when the Internet was the shiny new object that everyone simply had to get their hands on and use? New desktop and laptop computers were entering the market faster than you could blink, each with a new and improved set of features and functions.

As adoption and usage of PCs grew worldwide, consumers soon began to rely on these devices to do more than simply create a business presentation or write an essay (for school). Then came the wildly popular iPad in 2010.