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Shopitize mobile couponing service

Households £1 a week worse off – Shopitize can help you by earning up to £15 on your grocery shopping!

by on June 25, 2013

With households £1 a week worse off, you'll be pleased to know Shopitize can help you by earning up to £15 on your grocery shopping!
Shopitize is a fun and easy way to earn exclusive rewards from your every shopping trip to the supermarket.


Research / Booze ban busted – ‘Dry January’ does not exist / Shopitize

by on February 6, 2013

We all start the New Year with the best of intentions – but the very latest shopping trends show that ‘dry January’ actually only lasts for two weeks at most

Over indulgence over the Christmas and New Year period usually signals a January detox where we all promise ourselves to stay off the booze and eat more fruit and veg. This coincides with a dusting off of the gym membership along with a vow to shed those festive pounds.

However, even the best of intentions come unstuck at times and this is exactly what the latest shopping trends provided by mobile couponing specialists Shopitize ( illustrate. [more…]

Shopitize : FMCG’s can test the power of mobile couponing for free / Exclusive couponing offer

by on September 27, 2012

Shopping innovator Shopitize ( is poised to shake up the retail industry with the launch of an exclusive couponing offer in early October.

For the first time in UK shopping, FMCGs will be able to switch to mobile couponing instead of paper-based couponing with no financial risk and truly understand the sheer power of this emerging business channel.

FMCG's wishing to discuss joining the Shopitize mobile couponing service should call Shopitize’s business manager Richard Lee on 07946 394 812, email [more…]