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Breaking : Unilever, YouTube, Cannes, WPP, Apple .. via MAD London

by Will Corry on June 23, 2017


9 logo design trends to keep an eye on in 2017

by Will Corry on June 5, 2017


15 creative lead generation ideas plus new ‘concentrated content concept’

by Will Corry on May 17, 2017


Old school marketing tips that still work like magic!

Old school marketing tips that still work like magic!

by Will Corry on May 2, 2017


Poor web performance damages 68 per cent of customer relationships

by Contributing Editor on April 11, 2017

New research by digital agency hosting specialist Wirehive has found more than two thirds (68 per cent) of UK consumers feel their opinion of a brand would be negatively affected by website downtime – the period when a website crashes, stopping people from logging on.

The survey of 1,000 UK consumers revealed the inconvenience of bad web hosting will put people off buying from brands in the long-term, as 57 per cent felt they would avoid buying from a brand because of downtime. It also found negative experiences online are common, with 45 per cent reporting they had been shut out of a website they were visiting with the aim to buy something in the week before they were polled. Over half of consumers (55 per cent) reported difficulty in reaching a site to check a product or service out.


B2B Marketers .. Have a strong start in 2017 : Drive revenue, increase sales volume .. Load your own articles into theMarketingblog

by Will Corry on January 2, 2017


B2B Marketers : Still looking for results? – call Will Corry 01784 434 412

by Will Corry on October 16, 2016

110% ‘Result Generation Marketing’ … Interested in ‘fresh’ results which you can turn into orders?

Our new Lead Forensics tracking system at theMarketingblog can send you an Excel spread sheet of readers who clicked on your story.


B2B Marketers : Are you still looking for new business leads?

by Will Corry on October 2, 2016


Fresh look at the ‘Best of theMarketingblog’ – 12 articles, case studies etc. you can use

by Will Corry on September 7, 2016


Fresh UK Marketing News – 12 articles, case studies, stories you can use

by Will Corry on September 5, 2016

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