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Unlocking the success of madvertise, one of Europe’s fastest growing mobile ad networks

“A surefire way to win customer loyalty for brands”

In just two years, Berlin-based mobile ad network madvertise has grown from an exciting new German start-up to a thriving international operation, with offices across Europe – including London’s trendy Tech Hub.

The company’s success highlights the emerging trend among app developers to market their apps as a surefire way to win customer loyalty for their brands. 

Christian Henschel, Director of Partner Development at madvertise, describes the mission of madvertise as “building a bridge” between advertisers and publishers and helping publishers to monetise their mobile apps and mobile websites. 

“Mobile advertising is a rapidly growing market and we are taking advantage of the opportunities available in Europe – especially in the area of promoting apps. We are in a good position at the moment because madvertise has the knowledge and expertise to help app developers make their app public and to help them market their apps successfully,” explains Christian. 

madvertise offers advertisers a mobile advertising marketplace with a range of targeting options that include demographic, content topics, defined handset models, operating systems, time, geographic location and frequency capping. The company runs an impressive tight knit operation, with in-house developers responsible for every aspect of the software development. Nothing is outsourced.When madvertise started out, it took the team 18 months to build its mobile advertising application and to start commercial activities. Since then, the firm has won many clients and fans, including some of the world’s most exciting and well-known companies such as Google and Audi. 

madvertise has also spotted an opportunity for mobile app developers to monetise their apps through the company’s KatAPPult ranking service.  According to Christian, KatAPPult can guarantee app developers of free apps a top 25 position in their respective app store category in less than 48 hours. 

“KatAPPult works by advertising the app in question in other mobile apps that use madvertise’s ad network to increase visibility and launch the traction required to achieve a top 25 listing,” says Christian. “And while this means that a mobile app developer needs to spend money to make money, the return on investment in terms of increased app downloads and sales far exceed those generated by advertising alone.” 

That’s because the increased visibility that results from moving closer to a top 25 listing creates up to four additional downloads for every one achieved through the actual ads. 


Although one of madvertise’s main competitors is now banned from accessing the Apple store with their ranking service, madvertise is still able to operate KatAPPult, despite the changes in algorithms in the Apple store. Christian also points out that 6 out of 10 apps in the app store are now free and that 8-10 apps are free in the Android market. KatAPPult works better since the incentive downloads doesn’t happen anymore.

Of all the European countries, in terms of mobile advertising, it’s the UK that leads the way and madvertise is keen to tap into its potential. “The mobile ad market over here is similar to the online market- it keeps up with US developments due to the English language.”

Christian believes the future of mobile advertising will be pretty straightforward and he is not too concerned that governments will bring in legislation that makes it difficult for mobile advertising to thrive.

“There is a lot of room to grow,” says Christian. “Advertising spending is higher than app spending. There is a lot of usage but not a lot of spending money right now. But with the rise of location-based advertising we are now able to reach the client and the masses no matter where they are. You can push the right app towards them. The opportunities are endless.”

“If you look at the US, the first thing you realise is that this is a huge market and the speed of generating new technologies is very fast. In terms of new concepts and new developments, Europe is also pushing forward to capitalise on what is possible in this market.”

There are countless opportunities; especially interesting is the increasing number of free paid mobile games (lite versions of paid mobile games). madvertise can help game developers monetise their apps and mobile games effectively, providing lots of new and interesting business leads.

“It’s a great industry to be part of at the moment and one that will only grow. Apps are here to stay. And hopefully so are we.”


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