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A punch in the stomach – and other ‘creative’ #customerloyalty schemes – 9th annual Loyalty World in November in London.

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AlleyCat Comics in Chicago has an unorthodox approach to rewarding customer loyalty: Shoppers that hit 50 purchases get to punch a store employee in the stomach…

Loyalty programmes can vary from the boringly obvious to the downright bizarre…. Let’s take a look at another more interesting one from recent years:

Smints Breath Mints Rewards Customers with Naughty Toys

A company that has nothing to do with the naughty and intimate industry is taking the term “sex sells” quite seriously in their marketing campaign. Smints Breath Mints rewards their loyal customers with naughty toys in their latest promotion.

A barcode found on the back of the mints’ boxes must be scanned in online to redeem pocket vibrators, fluffy handcuffs or striptease sets. Taking the idea that fresh breath goes hand in hand with intimacy…

Do you know any more bizarre schemes?  Please leave your comments below!

Reward programmes are a huge part of increasing customer loyalty.  Discover how British Gas, Eurostar, Melia Hotels and more are using reward schemes at the 9th annual Loyalty World in November in London.

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