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Wondering about the best ways to engage people & drive sales with your social media strategies?

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 : Want more new business pitches for your company


‘Best ways to engage people & drive sales’

Don’t worry, many others are asking us the same questions and also seek a competitive edge. With a 10 year track record in sourcing & providing quality content and integrating digital channels to reach & engage target groups for successful companies across marketing, service agency and event sectors, it won’t take us long to point you in the right direction.

We know everyone is being careful with spending hard earned income, but at just £250 for a two hour social media health check and discussion with us, you have a low risk opportunity for an immediate high return in the focus of your efforts and time expended.

And that’s not all.  We enjoy & want to stay around to help you after this first meeting with both implementation and high visibility of your stories through our integrated databases & resources in email marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as well as being there as a sounding board as you progress your social media activities.

·         We can do the leg work in joining you in up to 50 groups inside the LinkedIn set up – plus make you part of another 50 subgroups

·          We can utilise the five headline strategies to create up to 300% extra readership for your articles

·         We can improve click through results by up to 150% by showing you how to personalise ‘correctly’

·         We can help you align your employees, clients and prospects to your vision, interests and desired messaging in an engaging way that utilises the power of mass market social media platforms on a daily, largely automated, basis – which we can manage for you on a month by month basis as you build in-house expertise to run these for yourself in the medium term.

Interested? – please either e-mail me, Will Corry, or call me on 01784 434 412 to see how we can help you to create a world of social media difference for your organisation.

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