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How’s your social media development strategy coming on? / Jon Davey’s SMD News

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Social Media Directors Mobile App
In today’s online marketing space you have to keep trying new ideas, see which float for a particular market, then refine & develop or drop and move on.

With the eyes of the world turning to mobile platforms we have come up with a unique mobile application for our Social Media Directors brand which will be launched shortly… the aim will be to promote fellow Social Media Directors to company directors searching for a social media partner… busy people looking to save time who prefer accessing information via their mobile phones.

The app will obviously be free to users…

If you’d like to be included in our app then you can be for a small fee… £100 + VAT for the first 50 Social Media Directors who match some basic criteria… like they have a good website!

Who are we to judge the skills of others… we can only give them an MOT based on what is reasonable. The actual skill is not just knowing the mechanics but coming up with unique ideas that capture the mood and can be spread, at the appropriate speed, through social media channels to existing and potential clients.How to use LinkedIn

Our next How to Use LinkedIn workshops are:

How’s your social media development strategy coming on?

If you are going to pick on platform to engage with then you really should take a look at LinkedIn and we’d like to see you at one of our LinkedIn workshops in the near future. They are not cheap but a fair price… we offer a quality training experience that will ensure you are fully equipped to engage on LinkedIn and find yourself some business opportunities sooner rather than later.

I was talking to one of our attendees the other day and he was telling me how, just by using some of the terminology we offered in our workshop brochures, he landed a well paid job because of his obvious knowledge of social media platforms and engagement opportunities.

So it’s not just about being in the room on the day… there is more to what we offer and we’d like you to be able to attend our alumni ball and share your stories with fellow students 😉

Thank you.

Please join us for one of our open workshops or if you would rather we ran a bespoke in house workshop for your people we’re happy to quote a fair price… just email me by return or call 01753 852904 and we can talk through your needs.

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