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“Corporate entertainment should not be forgotten as part of the marketing mix”

“Corporate entertainment should not be forgotten as part of the marketing mix” published on  
 Brand awareness has seen a decline in recent years as the recession causes many companies to tighten their marketing purse strings. However, in recent years there has been a change in marketing strategy for many brands.

Instead of the traditional formal business model, which many companies have followed, they are encouraged to add a personalised element to their branding. This has caused many businesses to turn to corporate entertainment to improve and modernise their marketing strategy.

There are now many more options available to brands for a memorable corporate event, from Executive Suites to team building activities, meaning that corporate entertainment is increasingly being considered by brands to improve client relationships, networking opportunities and heighten brand awareness.

Businesses are keen to add a human element to their brands and push the formal boundaries set by more traditional marketing models. Corporate entertainment is a terrific way for businesses to meet with their clients face to face in a less formal environment. By offering their clients events which are fun and involving they open up an opportunity to discuss non-business related matters and form relationships which will inevitably help future business.

Sports related days out and events are proving to be popular entertainment options as they offer a chance to socialise and interact with clients. Football clubs are beginning to create packages exactly for this purpose, such as Manchester United’s Executive Club. This can offer experiences from private boxes to elegant dining in one of their restaurants, which can truly add the wow factor to your event as well as creating a memorable experience for everyone involvedreadily available to talk.

Readily available to talk

Corporate entertainment events are undeniably an excellent way to network not only with current clients, but also with potential clients, peers and partners. Networking is a hugely valuable tool for brands and a method of making contacts within a chosen industry as well as offering a boost to brand profile. One of the real benefits of networking at corporate events is that people are readily available to talk to without having been approached directly. Due to the nature of these events people are happy to discuss both business and pleasure with business members, which undeniably helps to improve all relations.

Brand awareness is one of the most critical elements of any business’ marketing strategy. By increasing brand reach, a company can be at the forefront of customer’s minds when they are thinking of a particular service or product. By hosting a branded corporate event, a business can truly push their message to a targeted group of potential clients, or to others who are in the same industry, helping to ground themselves as an industry authority.

Sponsoring an industry event is another fabulous way to help increase brand exposure. While your business may not be hosting the event, in return for sponsorship your brand will be advertised throughout through posters, fliers and video advertisements, to name just a few options.

Instead of concentrating on traditional marketing techniques, why not consider corporate entertainment? With such a variety of events available, it is an opportunity to be unique, express your brand’s personality and genuinely get to build relationships with current clients, future clients and partners.

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