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50 million-strong name file is a cross-country checkpoint / Mardevdm2

Mardevdm2, a global B2B marketing and data services partner, has announced the exclusive availability of its European business and consumer suppression file. 

The 50 million-strong name file is a cross-country checkpoint for direct marketers to ensure they are compliant with all relevant MPS and TPS data legislation. In addition, validating a mailing or telemarketing file against a professionally sourced suppression file protects the reputation of marketers, whether the audience is businesses or consumers.

Zina Manda director of mardevdm2, said: “As current data protection legislation is under review, it is more important than ever that direct marketing practitioners uphold the highest possible standards of compliance. For any cross-border marketers, or those entering new international markets, there are significant challenges and risks for lack of compliance, particularly with regulations that vary by country.

Mardevdm2 has brought together and will keep current a comprehensive suppression file source across Europe that will make compliance painless.”

Given the 11 per cent rate of data decay across consumer files in a 12-month period and the nearly 35 per cent rate for business data, access to an accurate and up-to-date ‘do not mail’ or ‘do not call’ suppression file is just as important for marketers as having access to the targeted decision makers they need to reach, reports mardevdm2. Maintaining the accuracy of customer and prospect files is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process for companies, especially in the face of tight budgets and increased business demands. 

The pre-merged European Business Suppression file is available only from mardevdm2 and will be continually refreshed as individuals opt out of mailing and telemarketing programs. The file is based on new updates provided by industry governing bodies through Europe.

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