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Agent Provocateur – a “softer, more romantic type of erotica”

Agent Provocateur is at it again with its provocative promotions.

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Well, excuse us but we’d still categorize this work as overtly sexy. After all, what’s not sexy about a guy and two girls in a bed together? But Agent Provocateur really drives the point home calling the work “feminine sensuality rather than unabashed sexuality, inspired by the dreamy mood, colors and romanticism of the collection.”

OK. Whatever you say. It’s still a guy and two girls having sex together in a bed. We call that sexy.

Agent Provocateur isn’t giving up. They go on to say that the campaign was “Inspired by the iconic films of that era, ‘Emmanuelle’ and ‘The Story of O’, it is a move towards a 70’s come-hither, soft-core approach. A coy innocence that comes over all coquettish and ‘who me…?’. There is innocence to all the characters – they are out of reach, but teasing us to come closer; their stories leave you with a yearning nostalgia and the desire to know more.”


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