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“At least Dick Turpin wore a mask. #avis daylight ******* robbery”

Dick Turpin wore a mask

Teach me not to check the hire car. £360 for small scratch. Steaming.  At least Dick Turpin wore a mask. #avis daylight ******* robbery

“Welcome to L.A “

 I frequently rent cars for work, and my company has a corporate account. This Avis rental was the worst car rental experience I ever had. Even through I had a reservation, I had to wait in line for over an hour to get my car. When I finally got to the desk, and questioned the agent on the long wait, he responded in a condescending tone, “Welcome to L.A “.


You are deceitful!   

We miss a flight into Milan and had to arrive at Lanett Airport. Our Budget car which was costing us about $180 was not transferable to that airport and we were without a car. Upon finding that Avis had one to rent for $1715.28 we were quoted. I asked three times if that was dollars, “Yes, Yes, Yes.” That was really expensive in comparison to the one we had reserved. Very, very Expensive.

When I received my visa bill I almost died. They charged us $2588.13. We were lied to, taken extreme advantage of and out and out robbed. I will never do business with Avis again! You stole over $800 from me and you know I can do nothing about it. You are deceitful!   

 Bobby of Winston Salem, NC on Feb. 10, 2012

Editor : Do they really try harder? I get a stream of complaints about Avis like the ones above whenever I carry a story about the company. Have you had problems with this car hire company recently? If so – how have Avis management handled the complaint.

Or perhaps you have had the opposite experience.  Send us your positive stories also. Use comments to send us your positive / negative feedback. Thanks.

Late News : Avis have appointed Kaye Ceille as managing director UK from March onwards . Hopefully she can do get to grips with this reputation problem they struggle with. 



 Sick in a taxi

On a similar note. One parent wrote to me to say he was charged £130 extra by a taxi driver when his six year old was sick in the vehicle. Surely that’s overdoing it.

A complaint about a ‘swanky’ hotel in Surrey

This chap spent Christmas at the Runnymede-on-Thames hotel, Egham. His wife was charged £161.50 for using the hotel room phone for 18 minutes. As he says ‘This charge might have been justifiable in the 1950’s, but now? Warning : Oversea’s Olympic visitors – prepare for a huge shock.

The hotel refunded him 25% when he complained – but that’s still a chunk of money for a Christmas good wishes call.

from Malcolm Bentley

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