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High-street retailer truly innovating in the e-commerce space

Waitrose has selected Criteo to implement online behavioural targeting technology, in order to present shoppers with more targeted offers. 

Andy Hewitt, Director of Propositions at Global Dawn, a company that works with brands to offer bespoke social business solutions, discusses Waitrose’s use of behavioural technology:

 “Waitrose has shown that it is ahead of the curve, as the first major supermarket retailer to implement behavioural technology into its core offering. Today’s customers are three things: the first is lazy.

By creating a shortcut and making a process easy for shoppers, i.e. identifying what they are looking to buy while they browse the web, or reminding them of forgotten purchases, Waitrose is providing a useful, time-saving service. Secondly, humans are social and by making shopping a more social experience, with targeted offers on social sites such as Facebook, shoppers are able to connect with a product and share among peers. Finally, shoppers like habit.

By implementing a predictions engine, Waitrose is able to offer its customers a more consistent shopping experience each time a customer logs-on to do their weekly shop.

 “Waitrose certainly won’t be the last to implement a platform such as this, and it is promising to see a high-street retailer truly innovating in the e-commerce space. With so many retailers competing to be heard, it is only by tapping into preference, behavioural and social elements that they will be able to truly connect with customers, to provide a more engaging online experience. And that, after all, is the only way to boost online sales in the digital age.”

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