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Major new marketing campaign for Warburtons

Warburtons, the UK’s number one bakery brand, has announced significant investment into a heavy-weight fully integrated marketing campaign aimed at driving both sales and category growth within the bakery category at the Breakfast occasion.

The campaign, which highlights breakfast as a priority meal and demonstrates the important role Warburtons bakery plays within it, will also showcase its range of new products, which it believes will bring new consumers to the category and drive sales.

 Warburtons is investing £8.2m into a new six-month Breakfast marketing campaign, launching this month (February 2012). In addition to television, digital, consumer press and radio advertising, PR and in-store shopper marketing, the campaign is also supported by a unique media partnership with and Magic FM. The MSN campaign page is now live at:

The MSN microsite positions Warburtons as the champion of healthy, tasty breakfasts through original editorial content, such as breakfast recipes, mornings-themed ‘Celebrity Toast’ interviews and reader polls. MSN readers and Magic FM listeners are also invited to enter DJ Neil Fox’s ‘Taste Challenge’, with prizes including a holiday and breakfast with Foxy. Traffic is driven to the site through editorial links on the MSN Life and Style homepage.

Megan Harrison, Marketing Controller for Warburtons, says: “2012 is an exciting year for Warburtons and bakery as a whole. We are investing heavily in marketing and NPD within the Breakfast occasion and as the UK’s leading bakery brand, with a wide range of high-quality best-selling bakery products, Warburtons is in great position to help create excitement around this occasion and drive further sales. We’re looking forward to seeing the growth it produces for the category, the Warburtons brand and our customers.”

James Hayr, Head of Specialist Sales at Microsoft Advertising, said: “We’re excited to be working with Warburtons & Mindshare Media UK to help Britain enjoy a tastier breakfast. We worked closely with Magic FM to produce an integrated cross media partnership producing original, useful and entertaining content for the MSN user. The idea was to help Warburtons ‘own’ mornings on MSN, helping the brand to associate itself with nutritious breakfasts and good mornings.”

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