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Microsoft Advertising announces it is starting to sell Skype advertising on PCs and Mobile

Advertising on Skype will offer UK brands access to a digital communications platform that has huge global reach and supports large-format, interactive ads.

It will also give UK advertisers a unique opportunity to be part of the Skype experience, which has enabled millions of people around the world to do things together when they’re apart through voice and video calling, instant messaging, conferencing, and more.


Today’s announcement includes the roll-out of mobile advertising, which will see sponsored ads appear at the top of Skype’s Home and Message screens. This will provide advertisers the opportunity to engage with a captive and influential audience like never before:

  • Only one ad will be shown per conversation, giving brands 100% share of voice and ensuring advertisers don’t have to compete in a busier ad environment.
  • Skype is highly social; people are more likely to discuss products and make recommendations with close relatives and friends, rather than mere acquaintances.

 Audio In-call:

Audio In-call is a new format that is being tested for roll-out in the new markets.

  • Appearing on Skype’s Home and Message Screens, ads will appear during a one to one Skype-to-Skype audio call.
  • “Audio in-call” advertising means brands will be able to target and captivate active Skype customers in a fresh, new and highly integrated way
  • Testing is taking place now and feedback on the consumer experience is also being gathered.

 Microsoft Advertising will continue to work directly with Skype to maximize the value of their advertising offerings and to expand the business to take advantage of their significant combined growth and reach.

 Andy Hart, General Manager, Advertising & Online, says:

 “Skype is an exciting addition to the Microsoft Advertising portfolio. From today, our customers will be able to target more people in new ways, delivering innovative digital storytelling at a vast scale. Skype’s platform supports rich, interactive brand ads at the same time as giving advertisers a broad reach: combined with MSN homepage advertising, brands can now reach 18.4m or 43% of the total UK online audience.

 A lot of thought and testing has gone into determining which advertising formats work best in the Skype environment. We’re especially excited about features such as Audio in-call, which we’re developing and testing with early adopter brands right now.”

 Microsoft has been selling inventory across Skype’s desktop products and mobile in the U.S. since Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype took place in May 2011.

 Today’s announcement will also see Microsoft selling Skype to advertisers in France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Spain and Taiwan.

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