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People scan a QR code placed on a property sign board – goes to details

Venture are leading the way in the North East by providing their customers with an extra marketing tool with help and innovation from Inspirar Business Support Limited. 

Any property details or sign board with a QR (Quick Response) code on means with a quick scan using a smart phone, potential buyers or people wishing to rent a property are taken directly to the property details, whilst on the move.

Michael O’Connor, Director of Venture Properties said “People simply scan a QR code placed on a sign board or window display, and it takes them directly to that properties details.  We are delighted to install the Smart-Scan software, as once again we are challenging tradition and trying to improve the way our industry operates.”

Michael went on to say “Smart-Scan also eliminates having to remove and re-assign if boards that have QR Codes attached to them that may have been erected on the wrong property.  We simply manage the QR code on the Smart-Scan software from our office.”

Inspirar Business Support Limited, based at Wynyard have recently developed the innovative marketing software solution utilising QR (Quick Response) Codes.  The software, ‘Smart-Scan’ manages pre-generated QR Codes, which prevents wasting time generating new codes, testing them, and then having to re-print sign boards and any other point of sale display.  When a board or QR code is moved to a new property, the code is managed to allow users to view the new details against that property.

David Turpie, Director of Inspirar Business Support Limited, said, “With the use of smart phones ever increasing, we wanted customers to benefit from new technology and allow a static media like QR Codes become a dynamic media.  This means the codes can be used time and time again and be easily managed by our software.  This is why it is ideal for the property market.”

Dominic Vizzard, fellow Director at Inspirar, also went on to say, “Working with Estate and Letting agents we are helping them to change the way properties are marketed, and providing potential buyers with information at the end of their fingertips, on the move. Anyone wanting to know more about Smart-Scan can contact Inspirar directly on 01740 730 116 or visit 

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