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Your brand in their pocket / Oakley Mobile at TFM&A

by on February 20, 2012 in Events & Awards, Gamification, Mobile Marketing, Mobile/Tablet, Special Issue

Five reasons why you need mobile.  Businesses are starting to evolve their strategy’s incorporating mobile into the planning. Can customers use my site on their mobile? Can they make a purchase? Oakley Mobile at TFM&A

It is important to remember an integrated approach to marketing is required, not just switching to mobile and forgetting the rest, but incorporating mobile and a mobile marketing plan to integrate with your traditional business plan.

“Mobile is ramping up faster than any other technology we have seen in the past,” says Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins. Mobile web adoption is happening eight times faster than traditional web adoption in the late ’90s. (Source: Mashable)

  1. Mobility – the way of life is constantly changing, but one pattern emerges above all. We all have limited time to complete life’s daily tasks. Products that provide shortcuts, or give us the ability to work while on the go are in high demand. According to Google ‘Mobility’ is the key for 2012.
  2. In the moment – mobile apps and mobile sites provide businesses with an opportunity to reach consumers when they are most susceptible to purchase and influence the decision making process.
  3. Near field communication (NFC) – These days, consumers would rather leave home without their wallet than without their mobile phone. Soon, they may be able to leave those wallets behind without any concern about being able to pay for their purchases.
  4. Reach the widest audience – when integrated alongside your traditional marketing channels, Mobile Commerce gives you access to the large proportion of smartphones and tablet users.
  5. UK growth of Mobile Commerce – “The fact that mobile retailing in the UK has grown by a staggering 584% since 2010 alone highlights how UK consumers are going beyond the PC to find the best online prices wherever they are.” (Chris Simpson, Kelkoo)

In order to keep up with the latest technologies and reach the widest audience, brands should look to mobile apps and mobile websites to unlock the mobile channel.

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