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Three quarters (73%) of shoppers do notice the music playing in stores /Immedia Group

Some retailers are getting their music strategies wrong.

Wrong enough to send shoppers heading for the exits.

Bruno Brookes writes…  In-store music is a form of aural wallpaper not really noticed by shoppers, right?  Wrong.  In fact most are very aware of the sounds greeting them when they walk through the door.

At Immedia Group, we recently carried out a study that proves this fact.   We surveyed 1000 UK shoppers to find out what they thought about in-store music, and the results make for some interesting reading.   A few of the stats that stand out:

  • Three quarters (73%) of shoppers do notice the music playing in stores
  • Out of those that do, 40% will stay longer in a shop if they feel the music is well chosen for the environment.   Conversely, 40% will spend less time there if they feel the music isn’t suitable
  • In fact, 49% of all shoppers said they have stayed longer in shops because they like the music vs 45% that haven’t.
  • Excluding those who didn’t know, half of all shoppers say they have left a shop because they didn’t like what was playing or because it was annoying

The fact that shoppers will leave if they don’t like what’s playing shouldn’t be a surprise.   Retailers spend a great deal of time and money in trying to turn shopping into an experience.   Certainly what shoppers see forms part of that experience.   What all too many businesses seem to forget is that what a shopper hears also plays a part in shaping this experience.

Thinking carefully about the sound of your brand should be a key consideration for any retailer.   As our study shows, sound and the behaviour of shoppers is intrinsically linked.  This is also backed up by a wealth of scientific research, which shows a connection between in-store music and everything from the amount of time shoppers spend in-store, to what they are willing to spend.

Want to know more?  Take a look at the Insights section of our site, which gives you a flavour of some of that scientific research.   We’ve also produced a quick film, where we asked retailers and shoppers what they thought.   Finally – give us your opinion.  Take part in a quick poll we have created.


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