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Fashion brand breaks its Spring/Summer with taxi advertising

This week in London the Spring/Summer 2012 campaign for G-Star RAW has broken across a mix of high profile media, including liveried London taxis and select sites on the London Underground, targeting fashion conscious Londoners.

The highly striking taxi G-Star advertising campaign, planned and booked through Aviator, takes to the streets of London on 30 fully wrapped taxis provided by the UK’s foremost taxi advertising company, Ubiquitous. The campaign features the faces of the G-Star Spring/Summer 2012 campaign, fast rising French actress Clémence Poésy and American artist, filmmaker and actor Vincent Gallo.

For the next two months, G-Star taxis will deliver huge coverage of London adults, generating widespread brand impacts across the capital, but crucially also guaranteeing reach of consumers in London’s stylish narrow streets, where outdoor media opportunities are scarce but shopper footfall is high, such as Soho, Covent Garden and Mayfair.


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