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FREE pack of Lil’® A1 envelopes / Mainline Flatpack at IRX 2012

  • Low cost mailer for Books, DVD & Video Games – As used by Europes largest e-commerce companies
    Innovation Award 2011 – Lil’® envelope hailed by the press as “The 21st century equivalent of the Jiffy Bag”
    Business of The Year Award 2011 – Mainline fought off competition from 7,900 companies in the region.
    Q. Why are Mainline offering these for FREE? What is the catch?
    No catch. To date, everyone that has ever tried a Lil’® envelope has placed a further order. We would very much like to send you this FREE pack to try as we are so confident in the product that we think you will buy more in the future. However, there is absolutely no obligation to do this
    Put simply, The Lil’® A1 is proven to be the most operationally cost-effective method of mailing DVD sized items through Royal Mail large letter size 250x353x25mm
    Expected Results in comparison to using inferior DVD & Book packaging are: 

    • Proven up to 60% faster to pack (60% faster than a bookwrap / 15% faster than a bubble envelope).
    • Reduces ‘returns’ by up to 63%.
    • Minimised postage costs
    • Very GREEN (environmentally)

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