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“OMG Just Seen This On Channel 4 WOW!! Love It”

The Guardian has launched a major TV ad campaign.  Find out more about the three little pigs.

“This has to be one of the best adverts I’ve ever seen!”  (Note  be patient- there is an ad plug before the three little pigs Guardian ad)

 Breaking on Channel 4 at 10.10pm on Wednesday during Ten O’Clock Live, the two-minute TV ad features a 21st-century twist on the tale of the three little pigs, with the aim of showcasing the Guardian’s multimedia credentials and open journalism philosophy. The ad will run at the same time across E4, More4 and Film4.

 The TV ad follows a developing story of three little pigs being arrested in a police raid, via the Guardian’s coverage and interaction with readers and internet users through the newspaper, website, blogs, tweets and video.

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