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Make your sales force happy – get them leads that convert into business / theMarketingblog’s new ‘View from the Top’ Plan

  • Converting clicks into engaged customers with the ‘View from the Top’  social media and email marketing plan…..How to create a series of quality content ‘View from the Top’ articles for your company

    Q.The question is ..What can you do to get your prospects over to a YES?

    Answer : Get the right kind of extra social media coverage plus email marketing, plus personalisation, plus great ‘Top Spot’ positioning from March / April 2012 right through to February 2013

    What will this ‘View from the Top’ plan achieve for me?

    We create the very best quality, result driven stories for your company which can firstof all be loaded into theMarketingblog right up at the top of the site

    We then use our new ‘Spreadability Thrust’ plan to get massive coverage using these stories in over 50 LinkedIn, Facebook Group Sites and Twitter.

    Our LinkedIn Group sites

    Make use of a well tested, quality names base of over 65,000 UK marketing decision makers and influencers in theMarketingblog

    They say word of mouth is the best recommendation you can get – and we agree! Check out these glowing references from just a few of our happy, satisfied users!


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