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“No confidence in the management skills of their bosses”/ Edgecumbe Consulting Group

A third of line managers have revealed that they have no confidence in the management skills of their bosses, according to a new report.

The Edgecumbe Consulting Group found that just 36 per cent of middle management professionals believe the organisations they work for is in safe hands with the senior managers.

Almost half of respondents said their leaders had become more task focused, and 61 per cent said their leaders were more short-term oriented, with only four per cent noting the senior management had become more long-term oriented in their approach.

Jon Cowell, director at Edgecumbe Consulting Group and associate fellow at Oxford University’s Said Business School, said that a task-focused style works in a crisis, such as the recent economic turmoil.

However, he noted that the style can cause “resentment and disengagement”, which can erode performance over time.

A recent study conducted by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Penna revealed that high quality management skills are inextricably linked to organisational performance.

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