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Reducing order abandonment and increasing conversion / IRX 2012

Make It Easy For Shoppers to Buy: Optimise Your Checkout  Process to Grow Sales

Speaker: Greg Chapman,  Principal, Amazon Payments

Day Two Innovation Pavilion at Internet Retailing Expo 2012 10:30 am

If you’re focused on  growing sales online, consider optimising your shopping basket. Once your  customers have selected items to buy, providing them with a convenient and  secure way to pay is essential to reducing order abandonment and increasing  conversion. Amazon Payments makes it easy for millions of valuable Amazon  customers to buy directly on your site using a trusted payment service.

Showcasing examples of sellers successfully using Checkout by Amazon, we’ll  explore how you can successfully optimise your checkout process and grow your  business by creating a seamless customer experience that attracts customers  familiar with the Amazon brand..

Speaker: Greg Chapman,  Principal, Amazon Payments

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