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Simon Russell explains how John Lewis maintains high customer satisfaction levels while launching new services / IRX 2012

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Keynote at Internet Retailing Expo 2012 : Customer experience in a cross-channel  environment

Customer shopping habits are evolving  continuously and retailers need to work hard to keep up with ever-changing  needs and expectations.

For cross-channel retailers matching a seamless  experience for the customer across all touchpoints with high expectations of  the brand promise requires insight, systems and the right teams. Simon Russell  explains how John Lewis maintains high customer satisfaction levels while  launching new services, such as mobile.  Customer Experience Conference Day 2: March 22nd  10am

Simon joined John Lewis as a graduate from St Andrews University.  His career at the company has focused on the business’ operational management,  including time as Managing Director of its Sheffield  and Bluewater branches, and in January 2010 he took up his current position as  head of John Lewis’s multi-channel operation.

In this role, Simon is responsible for the growth of John  Lewis’s rapidly-expanding online offer, ensuring that is  integrated into the company’s existing retail business, and that customers  experience a consistently high level of service, regardless of the channel they  use to shop.

Simon lives in Kent with his wife and seven year  old daughter.

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