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The effect of routing on a panellist’s future behaviour / New white paper

Cint launches exclusive white paper at CASRO Online 2012 analysing the effect of routing on panel behaviour

Las Vegas, US, 1st March 2012: Cint, the leading provider of solutions for gaining market insight, has today released a new white paper at the annual CASRO Online conference. The paper, developed in conjunction with Federated Sample, looks at the effect of routing on a panellist’s future behaviour and whether being ‘screened-out’ of a survey has a negative impact on the panellist attrition and data equality.

The white paper, entitled ‘How routing and screen-outs affect panellist attrition and data quality’ was co-written by Lindsay Veling, Vice President of Global Quality and Kalle Backlund, Statistics Manager at Cint, alongside Patrick B. Comer, CEO of Federated Sample. The paper is being presented to delegates from the market research solutions sector on March 1st,  2012 at the annual CASRO Online conference, being held in Las Vegas.

While ‘routing’ is becoming an increasingly popular method for market insight companies to improve efficiency, to date, there has been little investigation into what the impact may be on panellist behaviour. This paper examines whether respondents who have been ‘screened-out’, that is, rejected from the study they were invited to, on account of their lack of qualification, will react negatively in comparison to ‘routed-completes’ who were re-routed to another relevant survey to complete. 

 The research concluded that, to some extent, this was the case and that panellists that were routed to complete an alternative survey (although different from the original one) were in fact more likely to respond when invited to complete the next survey than the panellists that were simply screened-out without the opportunity to be re-routed.

The research, carried out between April 2 and October 27, 2011, found that 80.8% of those ‘routed completes’ responded to their next survey invitation, compared with 76.2% of those ‘screened out’.

The white paper also established a number of other factors:

  • Attrition: The white paper examines whether ‘screened-out’ panellists were more likely to end their membership of the panel, which was found not to be the case.
  • Length of ‘routing’ study: The research also looked into whether the time taken to undertake the routing session had any correlation with likelihood to respond to the next survey invitation.  It was found that routing sessions that took over two minutes did lead to significantly lower response rates that non-routed panellists.
  • Cint also chose to investigate whether re-routing panellists would mean the ‘final’ survey was completed more quickly, due to the additional time spent at filtering stage. The difference here between those sent directly to the originally intended survey (targeted) and those who were re-routed on completion of the pre-survey questions was in fact deemed to be insignificant.

Bo Mattsson, CEO and Founder of Cint, comments: “The CASRO Online conference is a great opportunity for us to reach our industry peers and we’re delighted to have had this white paper accepted and to be presenting it to other delegates. While routing is increasingly popular in the industry as a means of enhancing efficiency and increasing yield for panel owners, there has been little discussion to date about whether there is any negative impact on the loyalty of respondents.  

“The results of our research indicate ‘re-routing’ has minimal impact on panellist’s satisfaction levels, however being ‘screened-out’ does and while only a small difference, it is important that the industry treads carefully. Going forward, the industry must carefully consider the trade-off between increasing the chance of finding a relevant survey for a respondent and ensuring no potential harm is made to future panel relationships. Considering this,  it must be taken into account that not limiting the time taken for the pre-survey routing stage will lead to panellists less willing to engage further down the line.”

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