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Who was fired? Maria O’Connor…after falling asleep!

Maria O’Connor, who was fired from The Apprentice in its second episode this week, has insisted that she isn’t dozy after falling asleep during the task

After a creative task that sees both teams devise a new gadget and pitch to two retail giants, it was back to the boardroom to find out who would be fired after task two.

Lord Sugar gets straight to business and addresses the Sterling group. After they all back Jane as a good Project Manager, they explain the thinking behind their product and Lord Sugar observes that it seems more like a toy than a gadget. He also questions the quantities that were offered in the Amazon pitch, “I don’t think there’s a product in history where a million pieces have been ordered initially by one single retailer.”

Mike Clayton writes  …For what it’s worth, I was distinctly underwhelmed by what I saw on Wednesday night. I’m finding it hard to see any glimmers of who might emerge from the ruins of 12 weeks of tasks as a worthy winner. For my money, only one person even started to impress me, and they were a long way from having me convinced.

This weeks episode saw Azhar Siddique step forward to lead the all male team, Phoenix, while at Sterling, two women put themselves forward: Jane McEvoy and last week’s reprievee, Katie Wright, no doubt keen to prove she can step forward. (Yes, I do know that I have made up that word.) Some awkward body language betrayed a real lack of trust among the women of – or maybe even dislike for – Katie, so Jane took the helm.

The teams’ task was to design a new product concept for a household gadget and pitch the prototype to two retailers. The team with fewest orders would lose.


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