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DG and 24/7 Media announce strategic partnership / MediaMind

by on April 14, 2012 in Best advertising story, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Lead story, Media, Mobile, Online Advertising, Social Media

MediaMind and DG have announced that GroupM and 24/7 Media, WPP’s marketing technology company have endorsed DG and MediaMind as a preferred vendor for third-party online ad serving and TV ad delivery for agencies and advertisers to their clients worldwide.

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Why are DG/MediaMind and 24/7 Media partnering?

One word. Simplicity. The online ad world is a very convoluted place. Numerous companies, technologies and ways to reach an increasingly distracted audience on an exploding number of gadgets. At the same time, brands and marketers who hold the ad dollars are demanding more accuracy, deeper reporter and betterROI. So, the collaboration will enable GroupM to leverage MediaMind’s leading tech stack, which complements 24/7 Media’s technology which GroupM already partners with.

What’s the significance?

GroupM is the global number one media investment management group. GroupM is parent company to agencies Maxus, MEC, MediaCom, Mindshare, Catalyst and Xaxis. Worldwide billings US $73.5bn definite 2009 (RECMA, June 2010) Total worldwide market share: 32.7% (nearest competitor is Publicis with 23.1%)

Last year, DG  -a leader in TV ad delivery acquired leading ad server MediaMind. The stated aim of this was bringing the delivery of TV and online advertising closer together.

So, 24/7 Media endorsing MediaMInd as a preferred vendor for third-party online ad serving and TV ad delivery (via DG, the world’s leading ad management and distribution platform) for agencies and advertisers to their clients worldwide is very significant. The expanded relationship will work to increase MediaMind’s GroupM Footprint.


In combining their capabilities, MediaMind and 24/7 Media will work to build a stronger integration between their online advertising platforms utilised forrich and standard media, video, mobile, dynamic creative optimization, analytics, and reporting.

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