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EasyInsites / ITV has renewed its custom panel contract with an expansion of the panel into all of daytime television

EasyInsites, online research and custom panel specialists, today announced that ITV has renewed its custom panel contract with an expansion of the panel into all of daytime television.

The “Viewback” panel will now source from and represent viewers of the various ITV daytime programmes, including not only Daybreak and Lorraine but also Loose Women and This Morning.

Tied to this expansion, the “Viewback” panelist website will be rebranded to represent the various ITV daytime programmes, as well the profiling will be revised to encompass the most important information needed on the viewers watching these various programmes during the day.  The panel will continue to be used by ITV for both advertising and programming research, as it has been for the past several years.

EasyInsites: Anna Spencer, Commercial Research Manager, ITV:  “We are very excited about the renewal and expansion of the Viewback panel with EasyInsites.  We have used this panel very successfully over the years to support our advertisers investments in our Daybreak and Lorraine programmes, and we look forward to applying this same approach with our advertisers across all of our daytime programming.”

EasyInsites: Charles Pearson, Co-Founder and Managing Director, EasyInsites:  “ITV was one of our first clients in 2009 when EasyInsites began trading, and we are so proud to have served them well over the past several years to result in this renewal and expansion of their “Viewback” panel.  We look forward to an even longer and more prosperous relationship, as we embark on building a bigger and more diverse panel and providing research services for all of ITV’s daytime programmes.”

About EasyInsites

EasyInsites is a full service online research agency offering clients a range of innovative online research tools to meet their research needs and to allow them to conduct more research at a lower cost.  Our key product is EasyPanel, our custom panel product with which clients can easily conduct research on their customers, consumers, viewers, subscribers, employees or markets.

The use of the Cint Panel Exchange (now called Cint Access) is at the heart of our EasyPanel product offering with its main feature the option for clients to monetise their panelists by making their panel “open” to other researchers, with all appropriate restrictions and limitations set by our client as the panel owner.  In addition, EasyInsites provides a full range of innovative online research products to ensure that our clients derive maximum value and insight from their custom panel.  Even without a custom panel, clients turn to EasyInsites for their online research needs, since we offer a full range of easier and cost effective yet innovative research tools.

In addition to our extensive array of java script based interactive question types for surveys through our EasyProgram and EasyProgramPLUS products, we also  offer EasyVideo – a webcam based interviewing platform; EasyQual – for online bulletin boards and focus groups; and EasyIdeas – for easily generating new ideas and rating these ideas through a crowd sourcing application.  For more information, please visit us at


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