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Google+ has to figure out how to appeal to the 19-34 demographic deeply, rapidly and NOW / Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer writes … Google+ is probably not gaining enough ground to go mainstream as a social media platform and to do so, they need to “go Jay-Z.” This is what I mean …

Has Google+ been successful in attracting a large and engaged audience?

Certainly there is a lively, passionate, and involved group of users — and it’s hard to cut through the hype — but there is some indication that the social platform is languishing with key demographics.

Yes many people have accounts, perhaps they even peek inside to see what is going on once in awhile, but I think the business case for Google+ right now is “Let’s be there … just in case.” As long as that is the major value of the platform, it’s going to be a difficult proposition to compete with Facebook.

Now, I know there are many passionate advocates who will say “but I LOVE it!” but we can look at some data to get an idea that Google+ probably is not making a dent in the core Facebook audience.


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1 thought on “Google+ has to figure out how to appeal to the 19-34 demographic deeply, rapidly and NOW / Mark Schaefer”

  1. G+ is not a must have at the moment, which Facebook certainly has accomplished. When visiting Google + it also feel a lot like going in to a new office space, where only some of the seats are taken and the furnishing has yet not been placed correctly.
    I’m just waiting for Facebook to make some kind of mistake, then G+ will definitly have its chance to conquer.

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