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Ryanair cut in flight magazine’s costs

by on April 3, 2012 in Best advertising story, Marketing, Media, Nuggets, PR, Retail News

Ryanair today (3 Apr, 2012) announced that its in-flight magazine will be reduced from A4 to A5 with its new pocket-sized “Let’s Go with Ryanair” which will use 50% less (recycled) paper, cost €500k less to produce pa and also double as its in-flight menu card.

The number of pages in the magazine remains unchanged at 164 and it continues to be the best read in the skies, with great articles each month on lifestyle, entertainment, destinations, travel news and much much more.

Ryanair  cuts the page size of the magazine from A4 to A5. Ink also ensures that “Let’s Go with Ryanair” continues to offer exclusive interviews, photos and award winning content (including travel tips on Ryanair destinations) to inform and entertain passengers throughout their flight and after, as Ryanair passengers are free to take the magazine with them on departure.

Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said:

“Ryanair and Ink have cut the page size of our award winning “Let’s Go with Ryanair” magazine in order to reduce its weight, as well as its paper and production costs, but we have sacrificed none of its 164 pages or its entertaining content.

Our new magazine ‘Let’s Go with Ryanair’ will save up to €500k in print and production costs each year and is now an even better read, which all Ryanair passengers can take with them when they arrive at their destination.”

Ink’s Michael Keating said:

“Ryanair set us a cost saving challenge and we delivered a magazine that we believe passengers will not only read onboard, but also use as a destination guide when they land.  Let’s Go With Ryanair continues to be one of the biggest circulating and best read magazines in the world.”


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