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theMarketingblog Nuggets – Pinterest, Vox Pops International, Experiential Marketing and Hotcow

by on April 1, 2012 in Marketing, Nuggets, Pinterest, Retail News, Social Media, Twitter

‘Maximise and communicate research insights through video’ / BskyB and Barclays to guest speak at VPI conference 2012
Vox Pops International have announced their annual conference will be taking place at the  British Film Institute on London’s Southbank. London…  
Can theMarketingblog harness the”virtual scrapbooks”power of Pinterest?
Pictures that were turned into propaganda posters
The pick of the most explosively popular Twitter pictures
Amazing video! Elvis is back and he’s 2 years old – Rock on Jr!
Q. How much would you spend on Experiential Marketing?
It is the biggest launch Belfast’s waterfront has seen in a 100 years

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