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“We really should be talking about “humanisation” – Vincent Potier, Managing Director at Vonage UK


For the past few years, one of the buzzwords of multi-channel retail has been “personalisation.” Vincent Potier, Managing Director at Vonage UK, says we really should be talking about “humanisation” instead.

According to Potier, people want a more human experience when interacting with their favorite brands digitally. That’s why Vonage was one of the first companies to launch a chat function on its website and also one of the only British Telcos to offer free customer support.

Download the transcript of the interview between Potier and eTail Blog Editor, Kelly Hushin, where he explains the humanisation concept and why a customer experience strategy that capitalises on it will be key to retailers’ future multi-channel success.

Vincent Potier, an eTail Europe speaker and advisory board member.

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