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What makes up a solid content marketing foundation? Michelle Hill of Red Rocket Media

Dave Huffman writes … For this week’s pro interview I hopped in my little 2 seater Cessna and flew across the pond to the UK. Specifically, to find and grab Michelle Hill of Red Rocket Media for a few questions on what makes up a solid content marketing foundation.

In this interview Michelle touches on social media, other forms of content you may not have given thought to, and how to coach others into this content or inbound marketing dance-party.

Let’s go! Get in there!

Q1: Where do you personally tell rookie DIY content marketers to start? Assuming that folks reading this are just now getting started, what do you feel will give them the most solid content marketing foundation?

MH: I think a really good place to kick off is to start a blog, especially given how easy it is to set one up in WordPress. People often feel very nervous about starting a blog, worried that their content will come under scrutiny, but as long as you write about a subject that you know well, you will be absolutely fine.

If you know what keeps your prospects and customers awake at night and can provide solutions to those problems through your blog content, then that is the best possible reason to start a blog.

You might not be the best writer in the world – although it goes without saying that your grammar and spelling should be spot on – but that’s what so great about blogging, the rules are relaxed, it has a chattier feel and you can be yourself.

Also, blogging is an extremely effective lead generation tool and naturally you’re going to want to see some returns on your content efforts.

  • Every time you post, another page is added to your website which boosts your authority with the search engines.
  • Blog posts are highly shareable – think about how many times you read one, then tweet, like or +1 it. Every time it is shared, your brand goes with it.
  • Blogging is great for converting traffic to loyal readership to leads.

I think every single business should have one!


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