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‘Volvic with added enjoyment’ (new video)

Volvic Touch of Fruit will take to British TV screens from Monday, May 28 as part of the growing brand’s biggest ever cross-platform campaign.

The advertisement shows a couple enjoying Volvic Touch of Fruit, while a fox, squirrel and hedgehog treat them to a spot of dancing.

The 20 second film uses the strapline: ‘Volvic, with added enjoyment’. It will run for seven weeks.

In the digital world, Facebook users have the chance to interact with Volvic Touch of Fruit with a new app which will ‘morph’ their faces into the animals featured in the ads. After answering a series of questions, users will find out which animal they are most like, and will be able to share their furry new face with their friends. The app will go live on Monday, June 4.

The beverages will also be a part of the entertainment at the upcoming Lovebox festival in Victoria Park, London on June 15, 16 and 17. Revellers will get to dance with professional jugglers and throw their own moves in a bid to win a range of prizes.

Jon Marchant, Brand Manager for Volvic Touch of Fruit said:

“Everyone at Volvic is extremely excited about this campaign. Volvic Touch of Fruit enjoyed an extremely successful 2011, with 19 per cent value growth Nielsen to 31.12.12 and two successful new product launches. This year things are going even better for the brand as it has already been nominated for drinks brand of the year in the Grocer Gold Awards.

“Volvic Touch of Fruit is a tasty and enjoyable way to drink Volvic, and we think this fantastic multi-platform campaign really drives that message home. The great British summer is about to get fruitier!”

To support the campaign Volvic Touch of Fruit will be offering 130,000 free samples to shoppers on high streets across the UK, as well 80,000 samples outside the big four supermarkets.  There will also be 1,600 posters displayed across the UK.

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