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4 of top 10 global retailers using ProofHQ to cut marketing costs… / ProofHQ’s online proofing solution

Editor. Here is a very useful online proofing solution which ProofHQ’s Paul Fernandez brought to my attention.  He told me…

ProofHQ makes digital versions of printed proofs and layers markup and commenting tools on them so that retail teams can review and approve the content virtually. All the commenting and discussion happens directly on the proof.

This is much faster than printing out the proof and manually “running”

it to all the relevant stakeholders. And as you know, review of creative material has to go through so many different people for approval in retail – brand managers, graphic design, legal, project managers, etc.

Also, a lot of companies still use email attachments for proofing.

This actually slows down the process as exchanging e-mails with large attachments uses a lot of network bandwidth and results in a large number of replies and cc’s as each person responds. With ProofHQ, all commenting and discussion is done online, in the cloud so that reviewers can see the proof anytime anywhere they have an Internet connection.

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