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Eloqua AppCloud makes it easy for marketers to tap into Pinterest

Eloqua, the leading provider of on-demand Revenue Performance Management solutions, today announced that it is the first marketing automation company to enable marketers to natively drag and drop the Pinterest “Pin It” and “Follow” buttons to their most valuable content. With the Eloqua AppCloud, marketers can give prospects the ability to share their content across the fast-growing Pinterest network with simple drag and drop tools.

There’s little doubt about the popularity of Pinterest, a social network that allows members to create digital scrapbooks by “pinning” images of content and products discovered on the Web to thematic boards. Given the surging popularity of Pinterest, the social network presents forward-thinking B2B marketers with an opportunity to extend the reach of their visually compelling content. And Eloqua’s marketing automation platform now makes doing so easier than ever.

Using the Pinterest component from the Eloqua AppCloud, marketers can embed the Pinterest “Pin It” and “Follow” buttons to their landing pages with one click. The “Pin It” makes it possible to add content to a user’s Pinterest account without leaving the landing page, and the “Follow” button means a user can immediately follow a brand’s Pinterest page.

“We all live in a visual world and marketers know that quality of design often means the difference between content that spreads and content that stalls,” said Steven Woods, Chief Technology Officer at Eloqua. “The best marketers in all industries are realising this. But with any new platform, there’s initial anxiety. We’re making it easy for our customers to extend their reach on one of the hottest social platforms by making it simple for their buyers to ‘pin’ their high-value content.”

The Pinterest component is available in the Eloqua AppCloud today.

Eloqua simultaneously unveiled its own Pinterest page, which marketers can follow to find some of the best content marketing on the Web. You can find and follow it here.


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