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RIM giving 6,000 employees the boot?

According to Reuters, Research In Motion (RIM), makers of handsets such as the Bold 9900 and the Curve 9360, may give as much as 6,000 of its employees the boot. It seems the Canadian firm’s predicament is getting worse.

Canadian newspapers, the Globe and Mail, reckon RIM may be letting go of 2,000 employees. However, Reuter’s source says that the figure is much larger, affecting the company’s human resources, legal, marketing, operations, and sales divisions worldwide. The official announcement is expected on the 1st of June or even earlier.

The source is unsure about RIM’s course of action, saying, “The strategic question is: are you accelerating into a better future of shrinking to a niche operation.”

Do you think RIM can rise up from its problems, which seem to keep piling up, or do you think it’s a matter of time before the Canadian company bites the dust? Give us your thoughts.

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