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The most effective venue for brand engagements and experiential marketing activity

The British Council of Shopping Centres (BCSC) and the Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) this week presented a new research report to the marketing and property industries. The report concludes that shopping centres offer advertisers and brands the most effective venue for brand engagements and experiential marketing activity.

This outcome is based on two key indicators: consumers’ willingness to devote time to observe or participate, and the probability of the consumer’s mindset being conducive to engagement with the messages an event is intending to disseminate.

The events and experiential industry is the second most important marketing sector for brands when they are considering budget spend. However, many agencies and brands need further support in understanding the best ways to plan this type of activity in the best retail venues.

Davinder Jhamat, Head of Research and Education at BCSC adds: “The events and experiential marketing sector is one which 55% of agencies and 22% of brands questioned suggested they wanted to learn more about, and this research is designed to meet this demand for information.

“Shopping centres present brands with a real opportunity to promote goods and services to a captive and receptive consumer audience within a high footfall location, allowing connections with people when they are time rich and inclined to engage. Presently, however, shopping centres are under-exploited in this capacity. By working together with IPM, we are therefore pleased to have concluded this valuable research and are confident that its findings will help brands maximise value from their marketing budgets.”

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