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Where do you see Facebook advertising going in the next 3-5 years?

by on May 18, 2012 in FaceBook, Latest News, Lead story, LinkedIn

David Mitchel in Linkedin asked these questions ..

  1. Do you think GM’s decision to stop advertising on Facebook has any broader implications?
  2. Do you think Facebook is a viable advertising medium?
  3. Where do you see Facebook advertising going in the next 3-5 years?

David Mitchel went on to state …I do have my own thoughts on this subject, but I would like to what others have to say. Perhaps others have considered an angle that I have not necessarily fully considered.

Here are some of the answers…

  • You will find out the future of FB by end of the IPO.
  • GM’s decision is a Good Move! However, there are more followers of FB than GM.
  • Making FB a viable medium but in reality, not suitable for every brand/biz.Let’s see  who else will come to realisation of the actual capability of FB instead of the hype
  • I believe Facebook will be a major player in the Mobile Marketing arena. Alongside some other Social Media being driven for traffic to entice people to make their purchases from within Facebook or from Pages leading to products on sites, either way there are some big changes happening and Facebook has been making the right moves to secure their future keeping them in the running.

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