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A film within a film: Brandon Generator will dominate three back-to-back television commercials

Internet Explorer have announced that what is believed to be a ‘television first’ will be made on Sunday night (24th June) to showcase the brand’s latest advertising campaign, The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator.

Three advertising episodes of the innovative animated story, created by award-winning director, Edgar Wright and renowned illustrator, Tommy Lee Edwards, will be shown during the premiere advertising break of ‘Attack the Block’, a film which Edgar Wright executive produced, at 10:20pm on Channel 4. This is believed to be the first time in UK television history that an advertiser will take over the first two ad breaks and dominate the third. The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator episodes will air for 12 minutes in total.

Brandon Generator is an extension of the Beauty Of The Web campaign that launched in April, and showcases the most stunning, visually rich and immersive experiences possible using IE9 and new web standards-based HTML5 technology. It also takes advantage of the unique functionality that Internet Explorer 9 provides, such as the benefit of hardware-accelerated text, video and graphics for smooth performance.

Created as a series of four episodes, the first three can be viewed at Shortened versions of these episodes will appear on television screens this Sunday night. Various elements of each episode have been crowdsourced; from the storylines and illustrations to the Mystery Girl in Episode 3. The advertisements will encourage audiences to suggest prose, artwork and leave messages of inspiration for the fourth and final episode via the site.

Narrated by Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh) and with music by David Holmes’ new project ‘Unloved’ (a collaboration between David Holmes, Keefus Green and Jade Vincent), this interactive experience puts the audience centre-stage to help shape Brandon’s world, while being immersed in beautifully rich graphics, noir inspired artwork and world-class storytelling.


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